three generations

When you enter the front door of the company, there is a bust of the late founder Son Jung-man. Behind it is engraved the management philosophy, “Even if individuals go, companies should be perpetuated.” According to its philosophy, the company has passed the 63rd anniversary of its founding through three major business operations.

Son Jong-hyeon, chairman of Nam Seon Ki Gong, is the son of the founder. He joined the company in March 1971 after graduating from college. Since he inherited the company from his father in 1987, he has grown the company to the extent that it is heard that it is a small and medium-sized enterprise that has surpassed large companies in the domestic machine tool market, where large corporations have an oligopoly. That is why then President Kim Young-sam visited the company in 1993. It is entirely thanks to Namseon Machinery that the machine tool industry is considered one of the root industries in Daejeon. It was possible because of the constant development of technology and the introduction of new products. Namseon Machinery has developed so many products that they wear the ‘first in Korea’. For this work, he received the Presidential Award five times. Every year, more advanced models are released. Chairman Son's management philosophy is that "a company with a lot of money can fail, but a company with technology does not."

30 years of Sang's activity "I never missed an event, and I take care of treating foreigners"

Chairman Son is one of the most successful regional CEOs (CEOs) recognized by others. Then he threw a challenge saying that he would be the president of Daejeon Sangsang. I heard why he should be president of the award. This year marks the 30th year since Chairman Sohn worked at the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said, “I was called when Lee In-koo, the 11th president (honorary chairman of Gyeryong Construction) took office in 1980.” From then on, he served as a standing member for 18 years, from the 13th to the 14th Chairman Jong-wan Lee (former Chairman Youngjin Construction) and the 15th to the 16th Chairman Man-woo Han (Chairman of the Korean New Testament). He served as the auditor for 6 years during the 17th and 18th Chairman Kim Joo-il (Chairman of Kumsung Construction), and the 19th-20th Chairman Song In-seop for 6 years as the vice chairman. Chairman Son said, “I have never missed an event in 30 years.” He also said, “I attended the Thursday Breakfast Economic Forum held 22 times a year, at least 20 times.” He has worked hard, and as much as he has dedicated himself, he has the qualifications of ‘the next president’. In the meantime, he opened up about the ‘8th World Science Cities Association (WTA) Daejeon High-Tech Fair’ held at the Daejeon Convention Center last month. “The president was unable to attend, so I served lunch for foreign guests and chatted. There are six vice presidents, and I had no choice but to lead.” Last year, when about 40 economic delegations, including the vice president of Boeing, visited Daejeon from Seattle, the English briefing was his responsibility. He is fluent in Japanese and English. He writes and recites the Bible in a foreign language every day. He also said, "During the business activities, I was in charge of serving foreigners when they came." He has been passionate about learning Chinese since 5 years ago. So his secretary also hired a Korean-Chinese descent. In order to naturally improve his painting skills while doing his job. Any conversation has reached a level where it is possible. He has also been active in the Korea-Japan Machine Tool Council for 25 years. Exchanges are held between the two countries every year, and among the 50 members of both countries, the only one to record an attendance rate of 100%. He said that he himself first heard of such a fact at an exchange meeting held in Japan last October. He said, “I put all my heart and soul into everything, both in consultations and in exchanges between Korea and Japan.

A solid manufacturer CEO... A native of Daejeon in the 20's and 600's, "Aren't you qualified enough?"

He also described himself as “a native of Daejeon natives.” He also said, “I have lived in Daejeon for 600 years since my grandfather in his 20s, so if you count one generation as 30 years, you have lived in Daejeon for 600 years.” He said, “Namseon Machinery is one of the oldest local companies in Daejeon. A proud local company selected by the city of Daejeon,” he added.

3rd generation management succession... Towards a 200-year company

Director Sohn, who had been struggling alone without any help, was joined by his son, Managing Director, in October 2010. After graduating from the University of Illinois in the United States, he was in charge of overseas sales while working for Mitsui Group in Japan for two years. He was fluent in English and Japanese and had a good career in Mitsui, but he decided to return to Korea after receiving a call from his father, Chairman Son. For the first time, Managing Director Son expressed his desire to work a little more at Mitsui. It was supposed to be a family business someday, but for now, I was thinking of making my dream come true in a wider world. To such a son, Chairman Son encouraged him to join the company, saying, “Do you know how great an ‘advantage’ it is to inherit a foundation from someone?” Sohn, who joined the company, is currently in charge of planning for Namseon Machinery. It is to take care of overseas exhibitions and to penetrate new customers. Is it because of the joining of Director Sohn? Namseon Kigong, whose sales fell to 9 billion won in 2009 due to the global economic downturn, was able to raise its sales to 50 billion won in 2010. In addition, it has strengthened technological competitiveness by developing a super-large machine tool (model name: NS-Ri7585) that can cut parts for nuclear power and wind power generation for the first time in Korea. Chairman Son expected, “I grew sales that were only billions of won in my father’s time, in units of 10 billion won, and now my son will create them in units of 100 billion won.”