2017 Machine Tool Day Event

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Machine tools need an active response in the face of the 4th industrial revolution upheaval

Chairman Kwon Young-doo of the Machine Tool Association emphasized at the ‘17th Machine Tool Day’ event

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Machine tools need an active response in the face of the 4th industrial revolution upheaval

[Industry Daily]

The strong current of the 4th industrial revolution is blowing without exception in the field of machine tools called 'Mother Machine'. Accordingly, there is a growing awareness that machine tools themselves must respond quickly to this.

The '17th Machine Tool Day' event hosted by the Korea Machine Tool Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Machine Tool Association) was attended by over 300 machine tool professionals, including Director Park Ki-young of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Hong Seong-wook, Dean of the Korean Society of Precision Engineering. It was held on the 7th at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido.

‘Exciting machine tool man! Chairman Kwon Young-doo of the Machine Tool Association, who welcomed the machine tool workers who attended this event under the slogan of 'Ear~su', said in his greeting, "When the Machine Tool Day was first held, the machine tool industry exported about 400 million dollars. It was only 11th in the world, but now it is showing the momentum of 'Made in Korea' by recording 5 trillion won in domestic production and 2 billion dollars in exports.” He praised the hard work of machine tools.

Chairman Kwon reiterated the importance of machine tools, saying, “Machine tools, which are the basis of all machines, are the driving force that made Korea’s manufacturing strong and major industries such as automobiles and semiconductors blossom.”

We also ordered an agile response to rapidly changing market conditions. Chairman Kwon said, “The situation we are in now is different from the foreign exchange crisis 20 years ago, but it is similar in that we are in a turbulent period of new technology. Industry and technology are fluctuating due to the 4th industrial revolution,” he said. emphasized again.

2018 is also the year in which SIMTOS, one of the largest industrial exhibitions in Korea, is held. In response, Chairman Kwon added, “Next year, SIMTOS 2018 will be fully prepared to raise the status of our machine tools and provide a business platform to help boost domestic demand and enhance exports.”

Meanwhile, in 'Machine Tool Man of the Year', which selects a person who shines in the machine tool industry this year, Namseon Machinery, founded by his father in 1950, has grown into a machine tool specialized company for 46 years. Sohn Jong-hyun, who served as the president of the Machine Tool Association until now, was selected.

After showing a humble appearance, Chairman Son said, “I am sorry to have won the award,” and then “When I visited a machine tool company in a neighboring country, I saw that one of the senior employees boasted that he was selected as 'Ten Artisans to Protect the Country'. “I thought about how machine workers are treated,” he said.

Chairman Sohn said, “I want machine tools to be one of the pillars in opening the era of national income of $30,000.” He said, “I am lacking in ability, but I think of it as a whip to devote the rest of my life to the machine tool industry, and I believe that ‘individuals go, but companies are perpetuated’. As a result, we will grow Namseon Qigong into a small but strong company that will last for more than 100 years.”

Prior to this, CEO Roh Jeong-duk of KEM Co., Ltd. was honored with the Presidential Citation in recognition of his contribution to the localization of oil skimmer and oil cooler.

In the late 1980s, CEO Roh Jeong-duk started localizing imported machine tool-related products from Europe and Japan because they could not satisfy domestic customers due to high prices and insufficient follow-up management.

Currently, the products developed by KEM have been supplied to various fields such as oil skimmer, interface cover, push button switch, code switch, spark killer, oil cooler, surge killer, surge protector (SPD), LED indicator, and no-fuse breaker handle. .

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