Namseon Machinery, donated 200 million won worth of equipment to KAIST

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Namseon Machinery, donated 200 million won worth of equipment to KAIST

5-axis machining machine in-kind donation... KAIST awarded a plaque of appreciation on the 7th

Reporter Min-gu Kang Enlarged/Reduced Input: 2017.06.07|Revised: 2017.06.07

Namseon Machine Tools, a specialized machine tool company in Daejeon, donated 200 million won in kind to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST.

KAIST (President Shin Sung-cheol) announced on the 7th that the award ceremony was held on campus with the presence of President Shin Sung-cheol and Son Jong-hyun, chairman of Nam Seon Kigong.

SPHINK-5X/30, a 5-axis machining machine donated by Nam Seon Machinery (Chairman Jong-Hyun Son), is the latest model equipped with the latest controller TNC_640 from HEIDENHAIN, Germany, and is mainly used in the processing of ultra-precision parts such as watches and medical devices. It is getting a good response in Europe, such as a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

KAIST officials plan to provide system education and specific practice opportunities for students based on the donated equipment in a situation in which equipment operation manpower and education are insufficient compared to the demand for 5-axis machining machines.

Since its establishment in 1950, Namseon Machinery has been focusing on the localization of related core technologies, raising its status as a domestic machine tool company and actively carrying out a project to give back to the local community. Since 2011, we have been steadily donating equipment to local high schools and universities.

Bae Choong-sik, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST, said, “I am grateful for the will of President Nam Seon Ki Gong, who has a deep philosophy on education and industry-academic cooperation, and I am delighted to have provided an opportunity to take a step forward in university development and human resource development.” We will do our best to bring reward and pride to the hearts of all donors through research results.”

Son Jong-hyeon, chairman of Nam Seon Ki Gong said, "I am delighted to be donating to KAIST, the best university in Korea, and I hope that our equipment will be of help to the country and the youth."

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