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Great achievement of the first export contract in Korea, competing with foreign companies in the same industry

A world famous watch was made with a machine made by a local company in Daejeon.

Namseon Machinery Co., Ltd., a local company in Daejeon, proved the power of a Korean machine tool maker by signing a watch processing machine export contract with Piaget, one of the world's three largest watch makers, for the first time in Korea. After fierce competition with HERMLE, Germany, which is considered the best in the industry, Nam Seon Machinery (CEO Son Yoo-gu) signed a sales contract to export SPHINX-5X/30, a high-speed 5-axis processing machine, to Piaget, Switzerland, which is famous for its ultra-precision watches. said.

SPHINX-5X/30 products are used for ultra-precision processing such as implants, watch parts, and aviation parts, and are competing with leading overseas companies in terms of specifications and performance. This export contract is meaningful in that it dispels prejudices about the quality and recognition of Korean machinery by supplying core products to Piaget, which is famous for its artistic watches that incorporate the world's thinnest watches and jewelry art. Based on this achievement, it is expected that the supply of products will continue to other companies (Teg Heuer, Cartier, etc.) within the Richmond group to which Piaget belongs.

Sohn Yu-gu, CEO of Namseon Machinery, said, "I am delighted to be recognized for the technology of Namseon Machinery for the first time in Korea in the Swiss watch market occupied by Japan and Germany. I will do my best,” he said.

Meanwhile, Namsun Machine Tools is the oldest machine tool company in Korea, and by successfully developing and commercializing a next-generation machine tool, a 5-axis machining machine, for the first time in Korea, it is actively exporting to Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Europe as well as in Korea.



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