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"Machine tools are the foundation that supports the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing competitiveness is determined by how precise machine tools are possessed."

Son Jong-hyeon (66, CEO, Nam Seon Machinery, photo), who is leading the Korea Machine Tool Industry Association, explained that the Korean machine tool industry is facing 'opportunities and crises' at the same time.

First, 'opportunity' is the speed of industrial development in neighboring emerging countries. The technological level of Korea's machine tool industry is still far below that of advanced industrial countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan. On the other hand, machine tools made by Taiwan and China are cheaper than our products, but their quality is inferior.

Chairman Sohn said, "For this reason, companies in emerging countries with rapid economic growth, such as Russia, China and Southeast Asia, all prefer Korean machine tools."

The 'crisis' is that it has not been able to produce ultra-precision machine tools at the level of advanced countries for decades. This is why large Korean companies active on the global stage, such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and POSCO, still use a lot of machine tools imported from abroad.

Chairman Son says, "There is an absolute shortage of craftsmen who can make precise machine tools."

Most of the engineers at Namseon Kigong, led by Chairman Son, are in their 50s or older. This is because the young people are reluctant because the work is hard but the salary is not enough. Chairman Son emphasized, "If they retire, the Korean machine tool industry may be cut off.

Germany and Japan treat engineers with machine tool processing skills as artisans or provide policy support to small and medium-sized enterprises to which they belong.

Some argue that importing and using machine tools is not enough. Regarding this, Chairman Son dismisses it as "the sound of only one knowing and the other not knowing." When a specific company orders a new machine tool, you can see at a glance what kind of business plan the company is making. It is for the same reason that governments in each country control the import and export of machine tools for precision processing.



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