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The economic downturn continues and the Daejeon region's economy is on a thin ice sheet. Last year, Daejeon's exports fell 5.9%, and private consumption also contracted. However, there were also hopeful aspects, such as a 30% increase in the number of excellent venture companies. This year, many experts at home and abroad are forecasting a relatively high growth rate and export growth in consideration of the economic recovery in advanced countries. On the other hand, concerns are raised about the decline of quantitative easing in the US and the strengthening of the won. Among these, the role of the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the only comprehensive economic organization in Daejeon, is drawing attention. I met Chairman Son Jong-hyun, the head of Daejeon Sangsang, and heard about the main business of Daejeon Sangsang this year.

Conversation = Kwak Sang-hoon, Minister of Economy

-Last year, Daejeon's economy was a boring expression, but it was really 'eventful'. In the meantime, what role did Daejeon Sang-sang play?

"Yes. Last year, there were many events that threatened the foundation of the local economy and aggravated confusion, such as the government's deregulation policy in the metropolitan area, the ordinary wage lawsuit, and the controversy over the cost of purchasing the site for the international science business belt. Whenever there was a conflict, the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce took a leading role in representing the position and ensuring the smooth implementation of local pending projects. In just three months after the financial support project was implemented, the interest from companies was so high that the targeted amount was exhausted. As the Daejeon Tax Office is about to open, it is a very welcome thing from a business standpoint. Moreover, the recent agreement ceremony signed with Hana Financial Group and local governments to strengthen the role of local banks is also drawing attention from local residents and business people. We plan to seek ways to ensure that funds and financial support benefits can be returned to local residents and businesses.”

- What was Daejeon's effort toward member companies?

"The Daejeon Chamber of Commerce focused on resolving the various management difficulties faced by member companies amid the continuing economic downturn. The focus was on creating a better business environment by listening to and solving practical difficulties in the industrial field. In the meantime, Daejeon City The dispatched Economic Cooperation Officer and the executives and employees of the company accompany them to visit member companies in person, and they have made various efforts to resolve difficulties in the field, such as holding regular full-scale investigations and regulatory improvement meetings. It was delivered to the public-private joint regulatory improvement promotion team. In particular, since the promotion group is an agency directly under the Prime Minister and is led by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the difficulties of companies on the field are directly transmitted to the government, enabling efficient treatment and continuous management. I will make every effort to remove the thorn under the nail."

- What do you see as the economic prospects for Daejeon this year and the challenges of companies?

“This year, many economists predict that the situation will gradually improve from the second half of this year on the back of economic recovery in advanced countries such as the US and EU and hosting of the Winter Olympics and World Cup. Daejeon is also the main export industry for industrial machinery, electronic parts, precision There seems to be ample room to reverse the mood based on the strengthening competitiveness of chemical products, etc. However, as for the economic recovery in emerging countries, as well as the continued strengthening of the won and the weak yen, and the competitive situation with Chinese companies, We need to respond with continued interest. In the region, policies that can support business activities and provide a variety of high-quality jobs, including active investment in R&D and venture development, should be supported.”

- The main business of Daejeon in the new year.

“This year is an important year when the human resource development committee in Daejeon, Sejong, and Gongju was launched in December last year, and the regional and industry-tailored human resources training project will be implemented in earnest. However, it is different from existing projects in that it is possible to simultaneously train incumbents to improve their job competency.Even though the government has been conducting various training for the unemployed every year, there are many difficulties in promoting customized employment projects that meet the needs of each region and industry under the current system. It is true that the project is in the early stage, but we plan to focus all our capabilities to achieve sufficient results in the near future. In addition, there is a mutual synergy effect with the existing youth internship project and special military service designation work. At the same time, it is expected to help a lot in raising the employment rate.”

- What do you think about the creative economy, which has recently become an issue?

"I agree with the saying that Daejeon, which is rich in research facilities and human infrastructure, is the best place for the realization of the 'creative economy' of the Park Geun-hye administration. We need to create new markets and create jobs with creative ideas. In my opinion, local economic actors, including business owners, should take the lead.Policy support is also needed to help existing small and medium-sized enterprises improve their technological prowess and advance into the global market, and to enable young and talented talents to start their own businesses and demonstrate their abilities. The joint creative economy promotion team has been launched in earnest, and local governments are also preparing to establish a creative economy innovation center. Daejeon will also actively participate in it to revitalize the local economy and help create new food."

-If there is a plan and plan established for this year's Daejeon Superintendent to strengthen member services.

"In the rapidly changing industrial environment of unlimited competition, we want to focus on providing differentiated services that can satisfy member companies while further expanding the existing business areas so that local companies can actively respond. Through the ‘Corporate Management Advisory Committee’ constituted, we strive to solve various management difficulties faced by member companies, while continuously discovering government-consigned projects such as regional and industry-tailored human resource training projects, national technical qualification test, and employment accident insurance management agency. , PL deduction, FTA utilization support center, etc. are planned to provide practical benefits to local businesses and local residents, etc. In addition, current local issues such as the creation of an international science business belt, the start of the urban railway line 2, revitalization of the original city center, and the expo re-creation project We will increase the role of Daejeon and strengthen support so that projects can be carried out without any setbacks and grow the economic pie.”

- What would you like to say to the local residents, including business owners?

"This year marks the 82nd anniversary of the establishment of Daejeon Sangsang. We will do our best to fulfill our responsibilities as the best economic organization in the region by prioritizing 'creating an environment conducive to business'. As the saying goes, 'Geumseokwigae (金石爲開)', which says 'Even iron and stone can be drilled according to one's will,' the indomitable will to lead the economic recovery this year as well. Daejeon Chamber of Commerce and Industry will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities together with local businesses and do all it can for economic development. In the new year, Daejeon citizens and businessmen alike can win and thrive by receiving the energy of a galloping horse. I hope." Arrangement = Reporter Woo Se-young

Chairman Son Jong-hyun...

Chairman Son Jong-hyeon (66), from Daejeon, is a representative entrepreneur in the region. After graduating from Daejeon High School and Kyunghee University, he has been serving as the CEO of Namseon Machinery Co., Ltd. since 1987. Chairman Son took over Namseon Machinery Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of machine tools, and is evaluated to have upgraded the company's growth by having a separate casting processing and assembly plant and supplying products to leading automobile and shipping companies in Korea.

In addition, he served as the auditor (2000) and the 19th-20th vice-president (2006-2012) of the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce, the only comprehensive economic organization in the Daejeon region. After being appointed, he has been working hard to promote the rights and interests of merchants and the development of commerce and industry. In addition, Daejeon City Business Induction Deliberation Committee member, Daejeon Welfare Foundation Policy Advisory Group member, Daejeon Talent Development and Development Foundation Director, Daejeon Social Welfare Community Chest Steering Committee member, Presidential Social Integration Committee member, Daejeon City Spinal Cord Disability Association Sponsorship Chairman, etc. have. Reporter Woo Se-young

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