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Nam Sun Kigong (CEO Son Yoo-gu) announced that it would participate in a relay challenge to strengthen compliance with traffic safety rules in children's sanctuaries. The 'Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge' started in December last year under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and is a public interest campaign to prevent accidents in child protection areas and establish a driving culture that prioritizes children's traffic safety.

The traffic safety slogan 'Stop 1 (Sunday) stop! 2 This way, that way! For three (three) seconds! 4 (Accident Prevention!) is a relay challenge method in which a person holding a traffic safety slogan, 'Accident prevention!

CEO Sohn Yoo-gu, who participated in the challenge with the nomination of Song Si-han, president of YG-One Co., Ltd., pointed out Yoo Seung-seon, the director of Tokyo Oriental Medical Clinic, as the next runner in the challenge and said, "Safety in industrial sites is important, but we are more interested in growing children than anyone else. Because it is a subject that needs to be protected, I hope that not only relay runners but the whole nation will be interested in and participate in children's traffic safety."



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