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Namseon Machinery is planning to promote the performance improvement of the existing lineup as well as new products tailored to the high-performance trend. The photo is SPHINX-5X70, a 5-axis machining machine of Namseon Machinery.

Machine tools that make machines, so called mother machines, are the core capital goods of manufacturing. Machine tools, which have been continuously experiencing innovative performance growth through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolutions, are being asked to change in a slightly different way as they enter the 4th industrial revolution era. Because it is difficult to achieve satisfactory productivity and economic benefits in production systems such as custom-made or small-lot production with only traditional production technology, the convergence with advanced ICT technology optimizes the pre- and post-processing processes and improves the efficiency of the entire process. It is trying to take a new leap forward.

However, even in the new wave, ‘improving equipment performance’ remains an important issue. This is because, in any environment, the performance of equipment is an essential condition that must be supported by default in improving productivity. In particular, the increase in the need for process intensive processes, miniaturization or enlargement of parts, and demand for machining new materials with difficulty in machinability requires the development of more precise, faster, stronger and more flexible equipment than before.

At SIMTOS 2018 (Simtos, Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition), Korea's largest exhibition in the field of production and manufacturing, held at KINTEX in Ilsan for five days from April 3, many high-performance equipments that will give wings to manufacturing innovation will be exhibited.

Namseon Machinery, a domestic machine tool manufacturing company that has secured stable simultaneous 5-axis machining technology with over 60 years of technical know-how, will unveil the complex 5-axis machining machine SPHINX-5X83i for the first time at SIMTOS 2018. It is a multi-purpose vertical 5-axis machining machine capable of both 3-axis machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining, and features a buried rotary table and a Siemens controller.

Namseon Machinery said, “In addition to the development of new products, the existing lineup with improved rigidity and performance through cooperation with a German machine tool design and analysis company is also planned to be exhibited along with the high performance trend. We plan to promote technology that can respond to high-performance demands through the upgraded 5-axis machine and the new SPHINX-5X83i.”

Daesung Hi-Tech, a specialized machine tool company, has acquired NOMURA, a Japanese machine tool company with a 70-year tradition, and is exporting NOMURADS's high-performance automatic lathes to 22 countries. From NN-3X with Ø3 ultra-precision machining capability to NN-38UB8 for Ø38 large-diameter machining, we are building a wide lineup of CNC automatic lathes that can process high-precision difficult-to-cut materials as well as 24 hours unmanned automation. In addition, ZEROIN Tapping Center, its own brand, recently succeeded in developing the DST-40DS, which doubled productivity by applying a 2-spindle, and is expecting more than three times the sales compared to the previous year.

Daesung HiTek is recording a high growth rate of 20% annually through continuous development of high-performance equipment.

Laserfix Korea, which supports various laser processing solutions such as cutting, welding, and marking, is exhibiting the fully automatic pipe cutting machine Xcut TH65. This machine, which enables convenient operation by automating both loading and unloading, uses a PA system for the touch screen, and can perform precise and precise work at a high speed of 100m/min through an automatic pneumatic clamp of 120rpm and double rack and pinion movement method. is characterized. In addition, the use of a frame heated at 600°C and a sturdy body weighing 8 tons of machine support more stable processing. Xcut TH65, which supports a wide range of cutting sizes, can be seen in more detail at the exhibition.

Omax Waterjet Co., Ltd., a company specializing in waterjet, introduces MICROMAX, a waterjet cutting system capable of machining with a positional precision of less than 5 microns. Equipped with the high-precision nozzle of the 7/15 Mini MAXJET® 5, the MICROMAX can be machined without thermal deformation, eliminating the need for secondary machining. In addition, various materials such as stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, glass, composite material, and laminate are precisely processed. It is characterized by high-precision and fast machining while occupying a small installation space.

SIMTOS 2018, where major equipment makers such as Doosan Machine Tools, Hwacheon Machinery, Hyundai Wia, DMG Mori, Yamazaki Mahjong, HK, Amada, Bystronic, and Trump, will showcase their latest high-performance equipment, starts on April 3 (Tuesday). It will be held at KINTEX 1 and 2 exhibition halls until the 7th (Sat). I hope you have an opportunity to think about the most efficient way of manufacturing innovation through SIMTOS, which can check high-speed and precision processing technology as well as smart technology in line with the 4th industrial revolution.

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