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byukgokkwan List

In 1955, the Company started to produce and sell lathe machines first in South Korea (line-cutting iron round, flat belt type). 

In late 1960, it started to put covers over dangerous parts for safety 

A scene to show the making of lathes at an early-stage factory 

On June 6, 1962, it received the “National Assembly Award” through submission of lathe to the National Industrial Exhibition. 

A photo in commemoration of the establishment of the Korean Army Reserve within the premises of Namsun Machinery in 1972 

Products in1973, when we started to export lathes to Japan (hydrant cover) 

Factory’s interior scene in 1975 

Milling machine produced through technical partnership with Shizuoka, Japan, in 1975 

A panoramic view of the factory in 1975 

In October 1979, it exported 401 gear-driven lathes to Japan and the United States. 

In 1980, it entered into an agreement with Yamazen U.S.A. for exporting 240 lathes annually, An image of factory workers who were busy preparing for the export of products 

In 1982, the milling machine developed with the conclusion of the OEM sales agreement with Daewoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 

A commemorative photo taken after the nation’s first development of Knee-typed CNC milling machine (Model: AN-S) in December 1983 

On September 11, 1986, it developed automatic friction welder (NSF-30H) first in South Korea. 

It started to produce high precision lathes on August 16, 1987.